May 5 & 6, 2023
Adelaide Showground

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2022 Information, 2023 info will be availble closer to the event.

Automotive Careers – Put yourself in the driver’s seat!

The Automotive Precinct within the Adelaide Careers & Employment Expo gives you the opportunity to explore your passion within the automotive industry by linking you with highly successful automotive businesses that operate across South Australia, who will help your career thrive.

Rapidly advancing technology sweeping the automotive sector means that no two days will be the same! A career in the industry will prove both challenging and rewarding as it offers endless opportunities for you to advance your skills.

As the automotive industry booms it needs more ambitious, results-driven people looking to start an exciting career. The Automotive Precinct is an excellent way for you to explore your career options within our growing industry and gain valuable information to make an informed choice on your future.

Within the precinct you will find a large variety of people who can guide you with insights on your chosen career pathway, along with interactive displays from a large variety of automotive sectors.

A chat with one of our knowledgeable industry leaders is your first step to launching your exciting career in the automotive industry!

Auto Masters
See us at Site A4
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See us at Site A1
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See us at Site A8
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CMI Toyota
See us at Site A3
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Motor Trade Association of
South Australia and Northern Territory 
See us at Site A7
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Northeast Auto Group
See us at Site A2
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See us at Site A6
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Ramsey Bros
See us at Site A9
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See us at Site A1A
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TAFE SA Automotive
See us at Site A5
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