May 5 & 6, 2023
Adelaide Showground

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Discover construction

Ever heard the saying ‘safe as houses?’ It means, well, safe. Just like a career in construction.


Around 12% of all jobs (73,000 people) in South Australia are in the construction industry. And that number is growing.


Sure, part of that is due to Adelaide’s own growth – but the main reason is just about everything we touch in everyday life is in some way touched by the construction industry.


There’s a heap of different jobs available in the industry these days. Tradies are doing everything from laying bricks to building bridges, designing eco-friendly houses, fitting out pubs, installing playgrounds, even using drones to track the progress of their work.


Want to know more or get sorted? Come over to the CITB Construction Careers Hub and speak with tradespeople and trainers who can give you expert advice about how to get started with an apprenticeship. You can also have a go at being a tradie with our hands-on interactive activities that will inspire your creativity and problem-solving skills.


Construction really does have something for everyone. You can find your passion for building with carpentry or contribute to healthy and safe environments workingas a plumber. Design and build parks and playgrounds working in landscape construction or build schools and shopping centres as a bricklayer or help to keep businesses and homes connected to technology working as an electrician – the career opportunities in construction are endless!


And before you wonder, who’s CITB and why have they got a Hub? We can tell you that too.


The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) supports the South Australian construction industry by funding training and skills development


We look forward to meeting you!

Australian Brick and Block
Training Foundation
See us at Site C5
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Civil Train SA / Civil Apprenticeships
and Careers LTD
See us at Site C20
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Construction Industry
Training Board - CITB 
See us at Site C1
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HIA Apprentices
See us at Site C18
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MAS National
See us at Site C4
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Master Plumbers South Australia
See us at Site C11
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Master Landscapers Association
(South Australia) – MLASA 
See us at Site C19
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See us at Site C7
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NECA Careers & Apprenticeships (NCA)
See us at Site C14
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See us at Site C9
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TABMA - Timber & Building Materials Association (South Australia) 
See us at Site C6
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See us at Site C16
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