May 5 & 6, 2023
Adelaide Showground

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2022 Defence & Space Industry Jobs, 2023 info will be availble closer to the event.

Explore your Defence or Space Industry Career in South Australia


South Australia’s defence and space industries are growing at the speed of light, creating a universe of career options for today and into the future.


In the coming years, South Australia will be home to numerous major naval shipbuilding projects, creating a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Beyond this, the state’s defence industry is also delivering world-class cyber and systems solutions and intelligence including surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities.


From project management, combat systems engineering, contracts management, Information Technology, marketing and communications to logistics, there’s a variety of lifelong careers available – and you don’t need to be part of the Army, Navy or Airforce to get involved. 


Home to more than 100 space-related companies, the Australian Space Agency, Mission Control Centre and the future Australian Space Park, South Australia also boasts a rapidly growing space industry.


More than 1,400 people work across the local space sector, in roles varying from space scientists, propulsion and robotic engineers to data and Artificial Intelligence analysts, software developers and space lawyers.   


According to David Scavarelli, software engineer at Silentium Defence, the best part about working in the state’s space industry is the work diversity and the satisfaction that comes with solving real-world problems.


“When the sky is no longer the limit, figuratively and literally, there is so much more that becomes possible,” he said. “We’re seeing amazing stuff already from the space industry here and we’ve still barely begun to scratch the surface.”


David encourages those interested in a career in space, to simply ‘go for it’.


“We’re extremely lucky to have this opportunity in our lifetime, and if you have any interest in the possibilities of what lies beyond our atmosphere now’s the perfect time to get involved!” 


Whether you are in school, close to finishing school or looking for a career change, there are a range of pathways to kick-start your career in South Australia’s defence and space industries and you don’t need to study at university to get involved.


Visit the defence and space industries zone (Sites D1 – D13) to speak with key employers and join in on presentations to discover where a career in space or defence could lead you.

ASC Pty Ltd
See us at Site D6
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Australian Space Agency
See us at Site D2
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Babcock Australasia
See us at Site D13
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BAE Systems Australia
See us at Site D11
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Boeing Defence Australia
See us at Site D7
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See us at Site D1
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Naval Shipbuilding College
See us at Site D10
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Saab Australia
See us at Site D8
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Silentium Defence
See us at Site D12
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