May 9 & 10, 2025
Adelaide Showground

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Open times
Friday May 9, 2025 – 9am to 3pm
Saturday May 10, 2025 – 9am to 4pm

Adelaide Showground

Getting to the Adelaide Showground is easy. You can travel by car, bus, tram or taxi and even train during events.

Bus – several bus routes service the Showground on Goodwood Road. Bus stops 1 or 2 on Goodwood Road are most convenient to the Adelaide Showground. It is approximately a 15 minute bus ride to the City. Refer to for timetable information.

Tram – departs Adelaide from Victoria Square & outside the Adelaide Railway Station every 20 minutes, with the journey taking five-minutes to reach Goodwood Road Station, Stop 3. It is then a five-minute walk from the tram stop to the Adelaide Showground. For timetable information visit

Train – Located on the south-eastern corner of Anzac Highway and Greenhill Road, Adelaide Showground Station is fully integrated with the Showground to provide a new, modern station that improves access, visibility, design, safety and convenience for train users. The permanent station removes the need to create a temporary station every year for the Royal Adelaide Show. more information click here

Bike Track – cycling is a great way to access the Adelaide Showground from all areas.

View maps of routes at:,+travel+and+motoring/Cycling/Cycling+maps

Taxi – the Adelaide Showground is a five-minute taxi ride from the Adelaide CBD and a 15-minute journey from Adelaide Airport. Taxis can be called for pickup from the Goyder Forecourt on Goodwood Road, or the Rose Terrace entrance.

Driving – The Adelaide Showground is bounded by Goodwood Road, Greenhill Road and Anzac Highway and is easily accessible from all three arterial roads. The Adelaide Showground uses Automated Parking technology.

Pricing for parking, following installation of the automation, will be:
First half hour .........................................................Free
½ to 2 hours ......................................................... $6.00
Over 2 hours ........................................................ $14.00
Adelaide Showground car parks are now cashless. Go contactless and use your credit card to enter and exit.
Please note these prices are subject to change, please check the Adelaide Showgrounds for updated prices at


for KJEX Pty Ltd - Kym Jones Exhibitions


Persons entering any of our events are not permitted to canvas the exhibitors or visitors for business, pass out information or promotional material without permission of KJEX Pty Ltd - Kym Jones Exhibitions The event area includes car park, catering and public areas around the venue. Any person breaching this condition will be escorted from the venue. No refund of admission price will be given. KJEX Pty Ltd - Kym Jones Exhibitions also reserves the right to search all bags and confiscate any such material that breach these conditions of entry.

Visitors are not permitted to bring their Pets into the Events. Assistance dogs are permitted into the Events.

KJEX Pty Ltd - Kym Jones Exhibitions reserves the right to refuse entry or eject persons that are deemed to be unwell or detrimental to the event at its sole discretion.
  Any persons that are deemed to be behaving in a non- professional manner, will be escorted from the venue.  No refund of admission price will be given.


Persons entering a KJEX Pty Ltd - Kym Jones Exhibition agree to indemnify KJEX Pty Ltd - Kym Jones Exhibition against any loss or liability, cost, expense or damages arising from or in relation to the entry either by person, vehicle or otherwise.

KJEX Pty Ltd - Kym Jones Exhibitions is not liable nor does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever to any person or property or the death of or injury suffered to any person whilst at the event.


Please note - Commercial Filming and Photography will be taking place during the event.