May 26 & 27, 2023
Brisbane Convention
& Exhibition Centre

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Free Career Advice on New Opportunities


We live in an unpredictable world of work with many current occupations expected

to change over the next decade as well as new career opportunities emerge.


Increasingly, young people and more mature workers will need the support of professional career practitioners to navigate unprecedented workplace changes and transitions into new career paths.

The Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) has stated that by 2030, workers will need greater problem solving and critical thinking capabilities, along with advanced skills in communications.  Knowing your skills, strengths and values are key in understanding your career goals as well as effectively communicating this to prospective employers.

Relevant, expert, and accessible career guidance is a necessity in providing support for people of all ages, in their understanding of future opportunities and the skills and qualifications necessary for them to be successful.

CDAA qualified career practitioners provide this advice based on a clear understanding of the training and education sectors as well as the labour market now and into the future.

They also provide tailored advice using assessment tools to determine each person’s skills and interests allowing an individual to make study and occupational decisions and also effectively plan career transitions.

Career practitioners work in a range of settings including schools, TAFE colleges, universities, corporate and community organisations, government agencies and private practice.

Experts from the CDAA are at the Careers and Employment Expo to provide free advice on resume/CV requirements and career opportunities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage directly with the friendly CDAA experts at the Career Advice Area during the Expo.